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Tierra Studios is a world-class recording studio in Houston.  Tierra offers you a safe and relaxed environment in which to express yourself and embrace all of your creativity.
We are here to help you realize your musical dreams.
  • Avid Pro Tools HDX System

  • Aurora VH16 AD/DA Converters

  • Anelope Isochrone-V Master Studio Clock


  • Solid State Logic Duality

  • Crest VX40 for location mixing on large projects

  • We have a large selection of dynamic, condensor, tube and ribbon microphones.

  • Take a look at our inventory. If it is not on the list, just ask.

  • We have the "who's who" in analog outboard equipment.

  • Take a look at these pieces that we can use to shape and color the sound any way you like.


  • Yamaha NS10 M

  • Dynaudio Air 15 package for 5.1 mixing

  • We have an intuitive personal monitor system for musicians to use while tracking.

  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

  • Vintage Fender Rhodes 77

  • Vintage Matchless Amplifier

  • Motif 8 Keyboard

Studio Rack
Isolation Booth
Live Room
Live Room 2


Recording Session


The allure of comfort meets the sophistication of technology in Studio A. Recording is managed through the Pro Tools 10HD system, and the signals are routed through world-class mics, mic preamps, and processors. The SSL Duality board, coupled with premium analog outboard gear, removes limitations in the recording/mastering processes for the creation of an ideal, unique sound.


The generous size of Studio A lends itself to the full utilization of this equipment. At over 500 square feet with 12-foot ceilings, there is plenty of room for full focus on recording and mixing without distractions. Studio A also has a 60 square foot bass trap and excellent monitoring systems with Adam and Yamaha monitors.


Live Room


Studio A with its 800+ square feet and 16-foot ceilings is spacious enough to accommodate a full orchestra. Ideal for ensemble recording, this studio also features 3 air-conditioned isolation booths. The oak floors, vaulted ceilings, and acoustically designed walls combine to create a superb tracking space. The studio is outfitted with a multi-channel headphone monitoring system, providing the perfect environment for creating the ultimate audio product.


Audio Restoration


Many great recordings are still on outdated delivery systems. We have the capability to transfer your favorite recordings to CD, so you can take them anywhere! We have the ability to transfer any of your vinyl; DAT; cassette; and ¼”,½”, 1”, and 2” analog tape to CD for archiving or listening purposes.



We want to make this as personal an experience as possible, so call us to schedule a time to come by and discuss your project. That way, you can have a better idea of all of your options and what we think is the best one instead of a generic rate sheet. You are our most important client, and we want to make a custom rate quote that fits in your project as well as your wallet.


Tierra Studios provides a full range of sound services for Music and Audio Production. Professionalism is at the basis of our work aspect, and making sure each client is more than satisfied with the results is our mission.


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Our staff has well over 50 years of combined experience in the music industry to ensure that your project will be recorded, mixed, and mastered to the highest standards. Whether your project is in Tierra Studios, or is a live concert, we have the expertise to make your dreams become a reality. 


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Call for a Quote

Mastering is the final step in the production of an album or single. The Mastering process sets the overall level, color and dynamic range for your audio. It is the final step before duplication and release. Call us and we will help you achieve this crucial step in the process of music production.


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Tierra has been called upon to meet the needs of our cloents in many ways. We consult on everything from gear selection to studio design. We also offer training to indivduals, schools, churches and many other organizations that need operator training and instruction.

Tierra  offers a variety of Location Services. We can help you plan and complete a location recording of any style and type. We also offer location live sound reinforcement and video production services. Let us help you with your next concert, theatrical production, church or school production.

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